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Hier finden Sie Pressestimmen über unser Weingut.


Jancis Robinson | September 2023

17 Punkte 2020 IM SONNENSCHEIN Weißer Burgunder GG

"See how much more expensive that is than poor old Riesling! Broad sweetcorn nose. But…

Jancis Robinson | September 2021

16,5++ Punkte 2020 IM SONNENSCHEIN Riesling GG

"Vibrant nose of green vegetation. But fuller on the palate than the Ganz Horn with dry stoniness.…

Jancis Robinson | Oktober 2018

18,5 Punkte 2017 IM SONNENSCHEIN Riesling GG

"Opulence can win competitions; but vibrancy wins hearts, noses and palates. The first thing that…

Jancis Robinson | Juni 2014

17,5 Punkte - 2013 RIESLING vom Buntsandstein trocken

"Since our infamous Aussie-German dry Riesling taste-off, I have learned to appreciate that the…

Jancis Robinson | September 2013

18,5 Punkte - 2012 GANZ HORN - IM SONNENSCHEIN Riesling GG

"A fresh citrus fruit aroma finds expression in a mouthwatering flavour of grapefruit and…