Jancis Robinson | September 2021


16,5++ Punkte 2020 IM SONNENSCHEIN Riesling GG
"Vibrant nose of green vegetation. But fuller on the palate than the Ganz Horn with dry stoniness. Bone-dry finish. Determinedly not luscious but lean andrefreshing. Still quite chewy on the end. An ambitious wine that verges onausterity at the moment. Not that long." (MS)

16,5++ Punkte 2020 KASTANIENBUSCH Riesling GG
"Rich, complex, layered nose that suggests much more substance than either the Ganz Horn or the Im Sonnenschein, though this wine shares with its stablematesa high level of acidity. Embryonic and for the moment quite demanding but itmay well shine eventually." (MS)

16,5+ Punkte 2020 GANZ HORN Riesling GG
"Notably pale straw. Smells of flowers and popcorn! Much lighter and lessconcentrated than the Mosbacher wines I have just been tasting with notableacidity and flirtatiousness. Marked acidity suggests keeping this wine awhile beforeopening. Some floral notes and still very embryonic." (MS)

16,5 Punkte 2020 IM SONNENSCHEIN Weißer Burgunder GG
"Pale golden straw. Much more white pepper on the nose than most WeisserBurgunders, intensely aromatic! Excellent acidity. Really sleek and fleet of foot.Serious German Pinot Blanc but nothing like as ambitious as Querciabella's Batàr! No obvious oak influence. I think if I were given this blind, I would first of allguess it was German and then flail around trying to guess the grape variety. Notmuch of the sweetcorn often evident in Weisser Burgunder." (MS)