Jancis Robinson | Juni 2014


17,5 Punkte - 2013 RIESLING vom Buntsandstein trocken
"Since our infamous Aussie-German dry Riesling taste-off, I have learned to appreciate that the Buntsandstein takes a little longer to develop its inherent mineral intricacies. The sandstone soil adds smoky, peppery and salty notes to the ubiquitous Pfalz stone fruit character. Firm, powerful and with sound acidity to add longevity, this is not far off Grosses Gewächs quality."

17 Punkte - 2013 RIESLING vom Muschelkalk trocken
"Still a little under the influence of spontaneous herbaceousness, the Muschelkalk of 2013 adds the tang of lime fruit to a solid salty presence. Uncompromisingly dry and with a racy acidity, but mainly minerality "ante portas"."

16 Punkte - 2013 RIESLING trocken
"Like many of its contemporary estate trocken colleagues, Rebholz's 2013 entry level trocken is a little more demanding that its predecessors. The fruit is firmer and crunchier, the acidity certainly authentic and the salty minerality quite pronounced. Solid rock!"