The World of Fine Wine | Kastanienbusch Vertikale

"[...] the intrinsic truth of the vineyard, the handwriting of each estate, both constant and wavering, the trajectory of age - all through the prism of different vintages. For me, it was the KASTANIENBUSCH that stood out; it was the most clear-cut, most precise, most enduring, and most stylistically effortless wine." writes Anne Krebiehl MW. She tasted our Kastanienbusch Riesling GG at the big 10-year-vertical last summer, together with the grand crus (Grosse Lagen) Westhofener Morstein of Weingut Wittmann and the Königsbacher Idig of Weingut Christmann. , wrote some notes and shared those with us in flattery but professional words.

Autor: Anne Krebiehl MW