"GANZHORN" im Sonnenschein

VDP.Große Lage in Siebeldingen

All sites of the old site «Siebeldinger Ganshorn» became «Im Sonnenschein» with 1971 wine law. The difference between the sites that have the name «Im Sonnenschein» and »Ganshorn» is, that the soil of «Ganshorn» is geologically much younger. It is gravel that developed 1 Million years ago during Pleistocene. Queich, the small river running through Siebeldingen, transported huge amounts of gravel from the forest and settled on the slopes next to the river.

This mixture of colorful sandstone, lime, sand and grit has also been a great soil for Riesling. That’s the reason why we call the best wine of this site «Ganz Horn» since 2007.