Albersweiler Latt

VDP.Erste Lage Albersweiler

The vineyard site Albersweiler Latt is west of Siebeldingen. The south-southwest facing site rises up relatively steep, ca. 70 m, from Queich valley. Our part is on rather heavy clay weathering soils, from keuper time (200-235 Mio years ago).

1947 Ökonomierat Eduard Rebholz planted this steep slope, we used to called it «Buckel», with Gewürztraminer vines. He planted the wines as terrace, crossways to the hill, and used «Pergola» training system, which is absolutely untypical for our region.

Today this one of a kind vineyard site at a really special and impressive place is kind of a «wine-culture-heritage» for our winery.