Unforgettable: The Classified Vineyards

The smaller and more specific the origin of a wine, the more likely that specific vineyard characteristics will be expressed in the final premium wine. Ideally one will recognize the soil, climate, flora, vine age, vintage and even the viticultural philosophies and practices of the winemaker.

As stewards of such amazing terroir, we bear a certain responsibility toward both high-end viticulture and to Germany's unique culture of world class sites and vineyards. Together with our fellow VDP estates, a decision was made to name our best sites and the top wines grown there with a single vineyard designation. Simpler wines include a designation of variety, village or soil, as shown on our quality pyramid. The emphasis on top sites fosters the cultivation of distinctive wines, and is an essential step in establishing the profile of each specific terroir, and with it the individual signature of the winemaker who tends to it.

As with all other VDP estates, we distinguish between VDP.GROSSE LAGEN and VDP.ERSTE LAGEN. The former references the highest, most sought after and precisely delineated terroirs. In the Pfalz, these may only be planted with the traditional varieties: Riesling, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir. VDP.ERSTE LAGEN, by comparison, are recognized for the distinctive characteristics and optimal growing conditions that produce wines with an excellent cellaring potential.