VDP.Große Lage in Birkweiler


Kastanienbusch is one of the most famous vineyard sites in our region. The name, which means chestnut tree, relates to all the chestnuts around the vineyard site that grow perfectly in our climate.

Generations ago people realized how special and good this vineyard is, based on it certain climate and precious soil. On the west side, in direction Pfälzer Wald, a hill protects the site from cold wind. The traditionally best part lies in a deep circular valley.

Through the fact that this area is one of the highest geological elevations of Pfälzer Wald, a soil from Permian time, comes to the top. It is called “Rotliegendes” in German and is really close to red slate, which developed 280 Mio. years ago.

Our vineyard sites are at the top of the site, south facing steep slopes. With 320m over NN it’s the highest VDP.Grosse Lage of the region Pfalz. The whole site is bigger than this classic traditional valley. It also has Sandstone, Lime and clay soils.