Silvaner – The name alone offers a lot of possibilities where this vine could come from.

Over years scientist puzzled over heritage. Does it come from Transylvania or from Silvan, a small town in middle Asia? Or does the name come from Rome? Today genetic results show that Silvaner is a hybrid of Taminer, one of the oldest known varieties, and the autochthone variety “Österreichisch Weiß”. So we can be almost sure that it comes from somewhere close to the Alps, which also explains the traditional name “Österreicher”, we are still using.

Until 50 years ago Silvaner was one of the most planted variety in Germany. While it also was the most important variety, together with Riesling, in our region until then, today only 750 ha (3%) are left.

Wine from this grape differs a lot depending on place and weather conditions and is a great terroir variety. The vine creates balanced, fruity wines with lower acidity.