Vintagereport 2018

The vintage 2018 in Germany will be a memorable vintage for a long time. Surely not because of the Diesel scandal, the flubbed soccer WM or the successful winter Olympic Games for the Germans. But rather because of the weather conditions which brought us an “endless summer”. Even in October you can still feel the summer.


The year began very humid, than from February on we had a very cool winter. In April it turned into a period of fine weather so that the usual spring-time quickly switched to summer. Due to the fact that this warm and dry weather continued nearly unvaried until October, you feel like staying on an endless summer holiday in the South. Still it is to ask which impact will this “perfect” summer, like in a picture book, have on our nature, our vines and our wine?

A logical consequence after this warm and dry summer was the earliest harvest start since over 70 years – in August. During the whole harvest we had the best weather conditions we could wish for. Moreover the perfect healthy conditions of the grapes made this harvest even more special. It moved over 6 calendar weeks with 28 picking days in total. This is also very typical for warm and dry years because our varieties grow very different under these (extreme) conditions. The burgundy grapes, sauvignon blanc, gewürztraminer, silvaner and this year also muskateller were ripe much earlier than our Riesling.

After two vintages of very small quantity we are happy and satisfied about the very good earnings this year, which are luckily given in all good qualities up to the noble sweet wines – which we and you wish for.


The wines from 2018 will be the perfect supplement to both previous years 2017 and 2016. All of them show their very own, diverse character. It seems that our wines from 2018 with their ripe, clear fruit and pleasant acidity will be balanced, harmonic and opened up quite early. They may remember us of our older vintages from 2007 and 2012.


Facts Vintage 2018:

The start of harvest:                        28.08.2018
The end of the harvest:              
Total size vineyard (in yield):            23,27 ha
Picking days:                                   28 days
         (Ø 2003-18: 23)
Picking hours total:                       
   5446 hours      (Ø 2003-18: 4100)
Picking hours per ha:                    
   234 h/ha         (Ø 2003-18: 218)

Total yield:                                       170.000 l

Yield per ha:                                     73 hl/ha       (Ø 2003-18: 53)