Vintagereport 2017

In spring-time the vine vegetation began very early and then there came frost again, which caused big harvest deficits in most German wine regions – as well for us. Through the whole year we had very warm and quite dry weather so we could stick with our growth edge. As a result we could finish our harvest exactly four weeks earlier than the year before.

During this harvest we needed a lot of patience. Indeed the health state of our grapes was excellent but after frost in spring there were very various states of ripeness within the different vineyards and varieties. After the harvest in some vineyards started early and with much loss of crop, some other vineyards needed much more time and we harvested significantly later. Essentially, this is what characterizes our vintage 2017: clear, ripe, very typical aromas of the grape varieties with a very delicate, mineral and constantly ripe acidity. Thereby – and as well because they aged longer in the cask due to the early harvest – the young wines are already slightly open, however the delicate structure of acidity gives much potential for a long aging.

This vintage reminds us a little of the vintage 2015, in which we can also find this great balance between “cool and warm” characteristics.



Facts Climate 2017:

Temperature:                                 11°C              (Ø 2008-14: 11°C)
          677,6 mm       (Ø 2008-14: 683,1 mm)
                2267 h            (Ø 2008-14: 2133 h)
“Vegetation Days” (T Ø >= 5 °C):    275                 (Ø 2008-14: 276)


Facts Vintage 2017:

The start of harvest:                        4.9.2017
The end of the harvest:              
Total size vineyard (in yield):            22,96 ha
Picking days:                                  
22 days           (Ø 2003-17: 22)
Picking hours total:                       
   4023 hours      (Ø 2003-17: 5090)
Picking hours per ha:                    
   175 h/ha         (Ø 2003-17: 222)

Total yield:                                       84.710 l

Yield per ha:                                     36,9 hl/ha       (Ø 2003-17: 52,3)