Our Team

Our reliable team stands out for its professionalism and dedication. With a complete commitment to the Rebholz philosophy, we all work side by side in honoring the long-established traditions and standards of our estate and its wines:

Michael Anselmann

...is one of our former interns. He first stood out for his impressive performance in the training program as a viticulture technician. He has since become a valuable addition to our team, supporting us in many aspects of the vineyard and the cellar.

Clemens Rosenkranz

...studied Viniculture and Oenology in Geisenheim. Since November 2020 his main duties are in the cellar and he is a great additon to our team.

Jessica Luisa Rihm

Jessica successfully completed business studies in a dual system while she worked for a big wine importer from Stuttgart. She extended her knowledge in international wine trade and marketing through workings in the Champagne, in Galicia and Munich. Now she is completing her WSET Level 4 - Diploma in Wines and Spirits. At our winery Jessica is responsible for sales, marketing, export and our events.

Sabine Ziegler

...Birgit Rebholz's sister, has been an essential member of our office team since 2001. Her extensive professional experience gives us peace of mind that that part of the business is in good hands.

Christoph Schneider

...is the master of our warehouse and distribution. He knows best our storage and archive and handles our labeling machine like no one else. Moreover he is working in all kind of tasks outside in the vineyard with our team.

André Dausch

 ...is one of our former interns. Half the week he works with our team outside in the vineyards and supports us in all kind of work, both handcraft and machine tasks. As well André is a specialist for reparations allover in the winery and even with the tractors. The other days he takes care of his own, young winery.

«Grandpa» Ottl

...is Birgit's father, spends his retirement caring for his vineyard, as well as our old terraced vineyard, the Albersweiler Latt.


Our team also includes a roster of trainees, interns and students involved in a work/study program in viticulture. We are currently hosting three of them. Since the beginning of the 80s, we are proud to have supported over 70 young persons as they studied and trained to become winemakers.

Also absolutely vital to our success in recent years is our reliable team of seasonal workers, joining us year after year from both near and far. Their toil and dedication have been indispensable to the progress we've made.